SENSORS The TerraLuma project aims to integrate a range of sensors for use with our Unmanned Aircraft Systems
Oktokopter at a mine   CAMERAS

Canon G10 Compact Camera

Canon G10
We use both a standard G10 and a G10 that has been modified for Colour Infra-Red (CIR) photography.

G10 RGB Photograph
A G10 RGB (Red, Green, Blue) Photograph.

G10 CIR Photograph
A G10 CIR Photograph.

Canon 550D Digital SLR Camera

Canon 550D Digital SLR
The Canon 550D Digital SLR has excellent image quality and a lightweight body. The focus of the lens is fixed to
infinity, the ISO is set to 200, and the aperture is fixed to f 3.5 resulting in a minimum shutter speed of 1/2000th
of a second. These settings reduce motion blur. The camera is triggered once per second (1 Hz).

Harvested Forest Mosaic
Each flight results in well over one hundred images that are combined in a mosaic with ~1 cm pixel resolution from ~50m.

A labelled stump
The detail in the images is impressive and these images are idea for generating 3D point clouds using Structure from Motion techniques.

GoPro Hero 3D Camera System

GoPro Hero 3D
We are experimenting with the potential applications of 3D movies.

Oktokopter carrying the MiniMCA   Multi Spectral Sensor

Tetracam Mini MCA

Tetracam Mini MCA

The MiniMCA can be fitted with a range of filters, we have chosen 12 10nm filters for our initial investigations.

False Colour Image of a Barley Crop
False colour composite (Green, Red, Infrared) image of a Nitrogen trial in a Barley Crop.

NDVI of a Barley Crop
NDVI (Normalised Difference Vegetation Index) of a Nitrogen trial in a Barley Crop.

False Colour Image of Poppies under irrigation
The high detail multspectral imagery can provide insight to plant health, water stress and irrigation efficiency. The image above portrays a poppy crop under irrigation, the unirrigated poppys are clearly apparent in the left of the image.

The Mini HyperSpec in the Penguin B UAV   Hyperspectral Sensor

Headwall Photonics Micro-Hyperspec

Micro Hyperspec

The Micro-Hyperspec is a very small pushbroom scanner.

HyperSpec Cube
Hyperspectral scan of a barley crop from the SkyJib multi-rotor UAV. A video of the first test flight can be viewed here.

HyperSpec Image
Hyperspectral scan of a saltmarsh environment from a robotic tripod mount.

Oktokopter carrying a thermal sensor   Thermal Sensor

FLIR Photon 320 Thermal Sensor

FLIR Thermal Camera
The FLIR camera and datalogger weigh under one kilogram.

FLIR Image
The imagery results in approximately 10cm pixels from ~50m.

Thermal Image of a Barley Crop
Thermal image of a barley crop undergoing Nitrogen trials (Flying Height = ~40m).

Oktokopter carrying a Lidar sensor   LiDAR

IBEO Lux LiDAR Sensor

IBEO LUX Lidar Unit
The Lidar system we use is found the front grill of high-end luxury cars, it was not designed for UAV use.

Lux Image
The point clouds produced are far denser than traditional airborne systems (approximately 10 times the number of points per metre, i.e. 6 vs 60 points per metre)

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